What is an introduction paragraph?

  • Ø An introduction paragraph is the first paragraph of an essay.
  • Ø The purpose of an introduction paragraph is to draw the attention of the readers to the topic of the essay.
  • Ø It includes the main argument and points that will be developed in the essay.
  • Ø The most important part of the introduction is the thesis statement.

What is a thesis statement?
  • Ø Its function is to tell the reader the main idea of the essay.
  • Ø It often provides a “road map” for the supporting points in the body paragraphs.
  • Ø It is the last sentence of the introduction paragraph.

For an effective thesis statement, follow these steps:

1- Make it clear and specific.
2- Do not announce the topic.
3- Do not use the “I” word.

Introduction Techniques

1- General to Specific Technique: You start with a general statement and narrow it down until you reach the thesis statement. This type of introduction is like an inverted pyramid/ a funnel.
2- Providing Background Information: You give a brief historical overview or some background information on the topic before the thesis statement.
3- Question Technique:In this technique,you ask the reader a provocative question or a series of questions so that they will want to read more to find out the answers.
4- Giving Definitions:If the subject is unfamiliar for the reader, you need to define some key terms so that the topic is meaningful for them.
5- Giving Statistics or Facts: In this technique, you provide the reader with interesting statistics or facts so that you attract their attention to the topic of the essay.

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