1. What is a Book Report

2. Pre-Writing

3. Format

4. Sections

4.1 Title and Author
4.2 Summary
4.3 Character Description
4.4 Setting Description
4.5 Theme Discussion
4.6 Your Opinion

5. Post-Writing

6. Exercises


A book report
  • is a description, an analysis and an evaluation of a book,
  • is a highly personal writing,
  • reflects the opinions of the writer.


  • Think about the sections of the book report and read the book accordingly.
  • Take some notes about the characters, theme(s), setting and your opinion about them while reading.
  • Prepare a cover page including title of the book, your name, code of the course, and the name of your instructor.


  • Your report should be typed in Microsoft Office Word on a standard-sized paper (A4), with 12 point Times New Roman font and double line spacing.

book report1.jpg

  • Do not write more than three pages (650 words)
  • Do not use contractions: Instead of writing “He’s been there for three weeks.”, write “He has been there for three weeks.”


4.1 Title and Author:
  • Mention the name of the author, the book title and date of publication.
  • Give brief information about the book and the author.
  • Using internet sources and other sources always paraphrase and cite them.
  • Add your full references at the end of the paper.
  • Do not plagiarize (steal other people’s work).

4.2 Summary:

  • Describe from what point of view the work is written (first or third person).
  • Explain main events in the book.
  • If there is a conflict, describe it. Illustrate how this conflict is resolved.
  • Give information about the protagonist and antagonist in the book.
  • Explain what the characters experienced in the book.
  • Do not use “I” or the first person voice in your summary

4.3 Character Description:

  • Describe your favourite character in the book in detail.
    • Her/his physical appearance
    • Her/his personality
    • Her/his relationship with other characters in the book
    • Describe other main characters in the book.
    • Write what you learned from those characters.
    • Use the last names of the characters.

4.4 Setting Description:

  • Describe the setting in detail.
  • Describe the atmosphere in the book.
  • Describe and discuss the changes in the setting and the atmosphere, if there are some in the book.

4.5 Theme Discussion:

  • Explain the main idea(s) and the importance of the main idea(s).
  • Describe the message that you understand from the book.
  • Explain the importance of the main idea and the message to the story.

4.6 Your Opinion:

  • Explain your thoughts about the book.
  • Describe the effects of the book on you.
  • Explain the ideas that you have before reading the book about the subjects in the book and if there is a change in those ideas, explain them.
  • Try to relate the subject in the book with your personal experience.
  • Explain why you would recommend the book or why not you would not recommend it.


  • Check the spelling errors by Microsoft Office Word
  • Select the whole paper (Ctrl + A)
  • Choose English (U.K.) or English (U.S)
  • The programme will show you the spelling errors underlining the words in red.

book report2.jpg
  • Proofread your writing.
  • Check whether the tenses are consistent.
  • Check whether all of the sentences have Subject-Verb-Agreement.
  • Check whether the punctuation is accurate.
  • To get feedback from the consultants go to the Writing Center of your institution at least one week before the assignment is due.

6. Exercises

Click here to download exercises